The Council will reconsider extended hours permits for club opening and closing parties following noise complaints.

In a statement issued Monday, Sant Josep said the weekend closure of the clubs in Playa d’en Bossa had passed without notable incidents. However they said there were repeated complaints of excessive noise, particularly overnight Sunday/Monday during the Space closing party.

The weekend was deemed a special operation by the local police, reinforced by Civil Protection volunteers.

Police received 27 calls complaining of the noise overnight, compared to 2 calls Saturday night. Ed – There were no statistics available as to how many thousand people had a great night out, or how much was earned by the Ibiza economy (albeit the vast majority by one company).

In light of the complaints the City Council will rethink permissions granted to clubs for opening and closing parties, especially in outdoor terraces.

“We know that neighbours find the noise very troublesome. This weekend it was mainly from Space where they had an unenclosed terrace open all night. This is making us rethink what we will allow after midnight, even for opening and closing parties. We will study the matter over the winter and put in place reforms that ensure better coexistence.” said 1st Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the police, Paquita Ribas.

The report went on to list Police activity over the weekend.

On Saturday…

Filed 6 actions for possession of drugs.

Made 3 seizures of drugs in public.

Issued 44 traffic offence reports including towing illegally parked cards.

They also attended a minor fight and attended a holiday letting apartment that had loud music.

Bar Marina in the Jet Hotel complex was found to be playing music on the terrace at 3am.

A Supermarket was sanctioned for selling alcohol after midnight.

On Sunday…

Five people were arrested for drug possession.

3 were arrested for being drunk and/or drugged and disorderly.

There were 28 traffic offences and 5 cars were towed.

Editorial Comment

On the one hand I get that noise can be very aggravating to people. On the other hand this is another example of Ibiza needing to decide whether or not it wants the tourist income derived from party people.

A factor that will have increased the annoyance to people who prefer to keep things quiet, is that the closing parties are now far more spread out. There used to be a ‘closing weekend’. Now it is more a closing fortnight, with competing clubs trying to avoid competing with each other for closing party business.

Perhaps a compromise solution could be to nominate a single opening and closing weekend.  Clubs wanting the extended licence would have to hold their parties on those dates, thereby minimising the annoyance to residents. As a consequence it would also make the opening and closing weekends ‘special’ in the way they originally were.

By setting the opening weekend relatively early, and closing relatively late, the town halls could also make an effort to stop the shortening of the season.

Just a thought.