• Sant Josep could change their controversial noise ordinance to protect live music
  • Live music would again be allowed, but must end at eleven o’clock at night, not midnight as has been the case historically.
  • The strict new regulations would remain in force for DJs.

The mayor of Sant Josep, Josep Marí Ribas, and the second deputy mayor, Ángel Luís Guerrero, have met with the president of the Association of Musicians d’Eivissa, Dani Martínez, to study a modification of the noise ordinance that would again facilitate live music performances in Ibiza’s Southern municipality.

Marí Ribas has agreed to propose changes in the regulations, stating “because the problem of Sant Josep is not this type of music, but the excesses that have been committed in certain tourism businesses”, a situation that has led to the tightening of municipal ordinances. The mayor does not specifically state DJs playing electronic dance music, but we’ll stick our neck out and say we all know that is exactly what he is referring to when he refers to “certain tourism businesses”, and within that it is the so called beach-clubs that have caused considerable political upset in San José over the last few years.

In the meeting, which was also attended by municipal technicians and the lawyer of the Associació de Músics, a revised wording was considered that would “facilitate the organization of live concerts in small format, always respecting the rest of neighbours and coexistence”.

Without sound limiters?

Some of the points that have been discussed are the possibility of exempting the use of sound limiters to live music performances, limiting schedules – concerts should always end before 11 o’clock at night – and the obligation to communicate the concert calendar to the town hall in advance.

The mayor said that whatever decisions may be taken locally, the Balearic law on decibel limits for outdoor performances would still be in force and observed.

The meeting also clarified some aspects of the new ordinance of uses, which was approved by San José town council and has caused considerable unrest among musicians and performers in Ibiza.  Municipal officials explained that the regulation “does not prohibit live music”, but rather puts a stop to “the proliferation of outdoor entertainment activities such as beachclubs and nightclubs”. Though the press report issued by San José town hall did not say so, we feel sure that the Musician’s representatives would respond that though the new regulations do not technically ban live music, the strict controls including stringent decibel limitations, make it in effect impossible to provide live music – at least that is what all the ones we have spoken to say.

Sant Josep Prohibits Outdoor Music

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