Ibiza News: As part of a new campaign Sant Josep have issued the first 6 proceedings against fly tipping in the municipality.

The City of San Jose has filed six complaints for breach of the regulations regarding the depositing of waste, mainly for infringements where it has been dumped outside of the provided bins, as part of a new campaign set up by the Department of the Environment.

In four cases disciplinary proceedings are for mandatory offences which may result in fines of between 200 and 1000 euros. The last two complaints, against a car rental company and another food processing sector business, are being processed and will result in disciplinary proceedings.

The most common violation is the disposal of waste outside and around the bins provided. The council have reminded business users that they have the island waste network at their disposal and that they cannot deposit any waste outside of the public containers.

The campaign is being reinforced by media advertisements, a series of information leaflets and tri-language posters places at waste collection points.

The Department of the Environment is also calling upon the public for their assistance in reporting people seen illegally dumping waste.