San Jose Town Hall have issued details of six projects completed within a 2.2 million euro budget of improvements to the borough.
  • 09/01/2017 Nick Gibbs

The town hall said that “A very important part of the investment has been concentrated in Cala de Bou, including the first phase of the expansion and renovation of the water network, costing 720,933 euros”. A further 200,000€ was spent on paving and sewerage works on Carrer Ourense.

Also in Cala de Bou the town hall have installed bus stop shelters, something they say was called for by residents and businesses in the area.

Further works on the water system in San Jordi and San Jose have total expenditure of 235,827 euros and 238,266 euros respectively.

Both urban water supply networks are known to be very old and had become totally obsolete, recording yields of just over 35% of water from source to supply, among the lowest in the municipality.

Road resurfacing and improvements to various locations around the borough cosy a further 112,882€

The works were co-funded by the Consell by grants of 700,000€ accounted for within the 2.2 million overall spend.

Editorial Comment: Re Glass Bus Shelters – Great for Winter, but in Summer surely they will become Human Ovens?



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