San Antonio’s Infamous Piscis Park 10 Million Euro 4 Star Makeover

Piscis Park has long been held by many as the quintessential example of everything wrong in San Antonio.

Piscis Park, one hotel you would never recommend to relatives, unless you didn’t want them to come back.

It is big, at 366 rooms only Ibiza Rocks is bigger, it is cheap, and it caters for the young end of the market.

It is also very prominent, occupying the egg roundabout that is such a focal point for the town.

To put it plainly, it has a reputation as a hooligan hotel, reflected by its nickname of Pikey Park. In the Diario de Ibiza’s report on the announced refurbishment they said that “for many years it has operated more as a hooligan shop than a hotel”.

Whatever a person’s views on the politics of San Antonio’s tourism and its historic youth market, Piscis Park has always been a hotel that nobody would recommend to their friends and relatives. Unless you didn’t want them to visit again.

Playa Sol Plans

Owners Playa Sol say the planned 10 million euro development has been planned for some time. “We have been working on this project for many months and even years,” said the CEO of Playa Sol, Antonio Domenech, who also mentioned the recent complete remodelling of the Algarb in Platja d’en Bossa, a hotel of similar size that successfully made the transition from two to four stars.

Playa Sol have undertaken complete refurbishment of many hotels in their chain, including the two Marco Polo hotels opposite Piscis Park – though these were slightly less ambitious, upgrading from 2 to 3 stars.

Playa Sol are also refurbishing the Aparthotel del Mar in San Antonio, another 100 rooms upgrading from 2 to 4 star.


Work on the refurbishment will commence in a few weeks, “The only doubt we still have is whether we can do the whole work in one season or two,” said Domenech, who would like to be able to complete it as quickly as possible. “We would not want to spend a tourist season empty,” he said.

too good for hooligans, changes will be made to make the most of the stunning views from the new Piscis Park

The remodelling project will not change the volume of the building nor will it increase the number of rooms, in fact it may reduce slightly due to the addition of suites. “One thing that will change will be the pool. It is three meters deep and, being too high, covers much of the view over the bay, so it will be lowered a bit,” explained the general manager of Playa Sol.

Future of San Antonio

The general director of Playa Sol declares himself “optimistic” about the future of Sant Antoni and Ibiza in general.

In his opinion, if you continue on the path of improving quality in the establishments of the urban core the ‘problems’ of San Antonio will be self-rectifying.

“The mass tourism and poor quality of Sant Antoni is gradually being diluted, there will come a time when the West End dominated by drunken tourism will have no future,” Antonio Domenech, CEO of Playa Sol, (paraphrased in translation)

Playa Sol is also grateful to the City of Sant Antoni for the agility with which the permits for the reform of Piscis Park have been processed. “We do not want to be given facilities, but at least there are no obstacles,” says the head of the group.

“Do Not Get Nervous”

“It is said that the season has been bad, but we must bear in mind that two years ago it was exceptionally good and the only thing that has happened is that now there has been a correction. Do not get nervous, I think you have to send a message of tranquillity, “says the general manager of the chain.

Of the 33 establishments that Playa Sol has on the island of Ibiza, eight are in the municipality of Sant Antoni and half have already been reformed or are in the process of being. Even so, “there is still a lot of work to be done in Sant Antoni”. Eight more hotels are on the other side of Portmany Bay and the rest are divided between Platja d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town.