Work on the extension of Thomas Cook’s ‘Casa Cook’ hotel in Cala Gracio is unaffected by the tour operator’s collapse in 2019. The new hotel will be named Oku Ibiza.

  • Photo J.A. Laugh, Diario de Ibiza

Thomas Cook collapsed just two months after commiting to investment of 20 million euros in the Balearics tourism infrastructure.

One of the projects included in the budget was the extension of the ‘Casa Cook’ hotel in Cala Gracio on the northern outskirts of San Antonio. Read our 2018 report of the Thomas Cook hotel plans here.

As reported in the Diario de Ibiza, this investment has not been affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, since control of the hotel is in the hands of the investment fund Westfort Capital Limited , which in turn owns the company that manages the operation of the hotel, Casa Gració Operation SLU, which has been building the second phase of the establishment this winter.


It is a building of about 3,000 square meters, whose structure has been built in just two months. This has been possible thanks to the use of a system of prefabricated concrete modules with which the basic skeleton has been assembled. 

The works have been carried out by some 120 operators of the Hermanos Parrot construction company, and the owners are confident of opening the extension, which will be San Antonio’s first 5 star accommodation, in June this year. 

The company recently announced that the hotel changed its name and was renamed Oku Ibiza in line with the company’s Oku hotels in Greece. 

This second building of the Oku Ibiza will have 49 suites of 60 m2 and one of 150 m2. The new hotel will also boast a 50m swimming pool – the biggest in Ibiza. 

Casita Blanca Apartments

Thomas Cook had also stated their intention to purchase and renovate the Casita Blanca apartments, in the center of San Antonio. These were to join the Club Cook brand, a type of establishment more oriented to the youth market.

However, this idea was stopped by bankruptcy and has been rejected by its owner, Antonio Riera, who, however, does intend to reform the apartments to improve quality.

With an investment close to two million euros, this apartment block will undergo a major reform with the change in the distribution of apartments, common areas, terraces and even the pool.

This project is now pending municipal license , so work has not yet begun.