Beach Café Tulipan

  • Nick Gibbs

Time at Tulipan tends to be measured on a contentment scale. “Could life get any better”, “Ah, this is the life”, “Shall we miss our plane and never go back to Blighty?”, that kind of thing.

Sitting pretty half way along the S’Arenal promenade in San Antonio, Tulipan is the essence of shabby chic cool with a helping of quirkiness thrown in for good measure.


Good any time from their Noon opening and onwards right into  the early hours as the barcafe in blue goes through its different personalities.

Early doors Tulipan is the perfect oasis of calm to get together for the day with some juice, or for those with stronger constitutions perhaps a bloody Mary or two.  Take a light lunch from their range of Tapas, or a great value set meal.

Any time of day it is a perfect meeting point or a pitstop en route from San An to Bay,  or back the other way.

tulip-tkl_6672The afternoon can be lazed away in their hammocks or perhaps for a livener off the beach, it’s all good.

Then comes the very special daily event that is the Sunset—but we’ll come back to that.

The music at Tulp is the perfect chill soundtrack to your day, but at night the tempo ups a little with Balearic Beats that seem to meet with pretty well universal approval.

Tulp time after dark is a mix of those going out for the night and charging themselves with a few good cocktails before the club to come, and also those ready to return to  some normality after a full on day in one of the daytime beach clubs.  Plus of course people just enjoying it for what it is, you don’t have to be going or coming from anywhere at all.

You will usually find a good number of locals too—always a good sign in a bar.

Sunset at Tulipan …



As you can see from the photos, the S’Arenal waterfront rivals anything its more famous neighbours have to offer.

The two photos were taken from the same spot, so take a sofa booth and you have a front row seat to spectacular San Antonio sunset playing out in front of you—not to mention the free cabaret of people watching as the Paseo presents its catwalk of the good, the gorgeous, and the frankly ridiculous.

Top tip is to book a sunset Tapas and Sangria deal. A minimum of 4 people can get a superb Sangria and scrumptious supper, for just 15€ per head.

A fantastic deal anywhere, but in Ibiza terms, especially Ibiza sunset view terms, it is truly spectacular.

Your 15€ gets you …

  • 1 litre jug of fresh mixed Sangria
  • Vegetable Salad, Spicy Chicken Wings, Prawns in Garlic Sauce (gorgeous), Fried Calamari, Nachos, Peanut Satay Kebab, Chorizo, Dutch Style Fries, Spanish Tortilla, Frikandel and Bitterballen (Dutch Sausage and Meatballs—again gorgeous), Bread and Alioli.

Not bad right? We knew you’d be impressed. Book by telephone  on 971 34 35 89, or via their website’s online booking:-


Closing Party Friday 30th

Tulipan’s closing party is always a favourite. This year the theme is Arabian Nights, and though you don’t need to get into costume, you are bound to have a very special good time if you do. See advert bottom left. and keep in touch at