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San Antonio: The Summer Night Squad

  • The first week of the summer night squad (ENEV) is being hailed a success by San Antonio Town Hall.
  • The special task force is charged with cleaning up the West End in the context of mounting calls for action to be taken against the prostitutes, pickpockets and illegal street sellers that thrive in the area.
  • Their role extends to ensure the opening times and music regulations etc. of businesses in the area are observed.

During the first week of the campaign there have been  12 actions taken for breaches in municipal regulations, which include prostitution and PRing

2 complaints have been lodged for violating law 4/2015 (known as the gag law)

There have been 19 traffic violations filed, 3 drink driving stops and 7 vehicles towed.

Moreover, Lala the police dog has had her first collar (groan) from her West End patrol in detecting 20 pills and 4 bags of unnamed substances.

The town hall has created this new team ENEV, which comprises of seven agents and two officers to work a special shift pattern allowing four policemen to be walking the streets of San An every night.


Lala the Police Dog has made her first collar.
Some of the Drugs seized by Lala’s identification.

From now until August, the ENEV will operate from 21:00 until 06:00, and in September 22:00 until 06:30.

Some of the team’s specific functions include monitoring public spaces, dealing with street vending, controlling the closing times of venues with music and inspections.

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