San Antonio Pyromaniac “Wanted To Burn The Town Down”

San Antonio Local Police have arrested a 40 year old man who set fires in several places in San Antonio just before dawn on Saturday morning 21st July.

Later that day at 9pm on Saturday, police were alerted by residents who had seen a man spraying vehicles with alcohol. When stopped by police the man was found to be carrying a bottle of alcohol, and during the time police were questioning him, a member of the public approached to complain that the man had just sprayed his motorcycle with alcohol.

Asked why he had sprayed the alcohol the man replied that he wanted to ‘burn the town down’. He confessed to starting the fires on Saturday morning that had burnt in several areas.

Despite his confession, on being told he was being arrested the man attempted to make an escape from Police, resulting in him needing to be restrained.

He has now been charged with specimen cases of arson in the town.