The Balearic Port Authority and San Antonio Town Hall have announced plans for improvements to the waterfront and the opening of a new San Antonio Police Station on the s’Arenal beach promenade.

New San Antonio Police Station

The new San Antonio Police Station, which is a sub-office of the main Guardia Civil and Local Police headquarters, will be shared by both entities. The office is the existing kiosk that has historically be used as a cafe/ticket selling point, but has remained empty this year. It is located at the corner of the Paseo where the beach ends and the water taxis and sport boats start. The new premises will have 50 square metres of space and will replace the current very cramped office they share a few metres away near the Egg.

Speaking of its location in a press release, the Port Authority said they wanted to look for an especially central location where in summer there is more need for police services. It is located in “an area where there is a lot of fun”, added Mayor Tur as reported in the Diario de Ibiza.

The announcement of the new Police office is made at the end of a summer where the s’Arenal Beach Paseo has become the focus of much unwanted attention. This has been due to a combination of the proliferation of laughing gas sellers, people continuing beach parties as a result of the West End early closing at 3am, and in so far as media exposure is concerned, being the location of two tourist deaths.

The office is due to open for the summer season 2019.

Port Improvements & Car Park Fees

The Port Authority will soon start the planned improvements to the waterfront section of the Paseo, between Club Nautico and the Ferry Jetty.

The 335k euro budget project is focused on improvements to the public space. This includes planting and the erection of shading pergolas etc, to what is currently an open paved space.

The project for demolition and reconstruction of the port authority building is now going to tender. It is expected works will start at the end of January 2019. The total cost is expected to be around 900k euros and take 18 months to complete.

The Port Authority has said it will consider the request by San Antonio’s Mayor Tur to fall in line with other ports in the Balearics and cease charging for car parking during the winter months.

Editorial Comment

The new Police Station will be located in “an area where there is a lot of fun”, said Mayo Tur according to the Diario. Perhaps Mayor Tur has not heard of the many tourists who are the unwitting victims of the aggressive street sellers who have made that corner of the Paseo their own in recent years. It seems unlikely they would describe being scared into handing over their cash as being ‘a lot of fun’.

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