It’s that time again!

San Antonio’s annual Pintxos festival is now in its 9th year, and with plenty of new venues joining Ibiza’s biggest bar crawl in 2017, the event looks to be better than ever.

San Antonio Pintxos 2017

What is it?

For the uninitiated, Pintxa runs for 6 Thursdays from 9th March to 13th of April.

All participating bars and restaurants, and this year there are 37 to choose from, offer a special Pintxo (small gorgeous tasty thing) with a beer or wine for just 2,50€.

San Antonio Pintxos 2017
San Antonio Pintxos 2017

This year venues will also be offering a Caprincho, a more substantial gorgeous thing, with drink for a few euros more.

Pintxos actually runs from midday, but most people head out at night when there is the added bonus of a tourist train running the route and taking you within a few metres of all venues.


The coveted Pintxos crown is hotly contested among the owners—which works to pintxo punters benefit in there being some ridiculously good offerings.

The ingredients alone must often cost more than the 2,50€ tariff, but we’re not complaining.


San Antonio Pintxos 2017San Antonio Pintxos 2017

You have 6 weeks to get around all 37 if you wish, but we have helpfully given our serving suggestion by way of an 8 stop train ride route around our advertisers—which we promise will not leave you disappointed.


San Antonio Pintxos 2017

First Pintxos for this foodie paradise. We know it will be great, and with the added practicality of parking (for the designated driver) so it’s a pintxo or three in good company before a stroll down the lane to the train to …


San Antonio Pintxos 2017

You could have walked it, but where’s the fun in that? Another new venue Flaherty’s are offering proper pies and irish stew for that authentic Irish twist. They also have a fish and chips Caprincho on offer.


San Antonio Pintxos 2017

We love the look of Bondi’s seafood corn cone Caprincho, and you might want a couple here as it’s then a bit of a ride out to Cap Negret to …;

La Torre

San Antonio Pintxos 2017

If you haven’t been to La Torre yet, here is your perfect opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about—the uber chic terrace of this Boutique hotel has some of the best food we’ve ever tasted—a must do on your route.

The Social

San Antonio Pintxos 2017

Another Brit bar first year entrant worth the footsteps from the train as you come back into town. The Social always has great company and having teamed up with Wild Thyme for their fayre, the food is bound to match the banter.

Villa Mercedes

San Antonio Pintxos 2017

Down onto the waterfront, and you can’t do Pintxos without a visit to Villa Mercedes. These past winners always go the extra mile. You’ll feel a million dollars, and given it only cost 2,50€ that can’t be bad.


San Antonio Pintxos 2017

Along the paseo to Palapa who pride themselves on their streetfood menu—the perfect partnership to the pintxo concept.

And that brings you pretty well back to Tapas, where we recommend kicking back with their superb Caprincho cheese board and a rather lovely glass of Red, or better still swap for a Ruby Port.

Carnival 9th March

Note that as a result of bad weather at the weekend, the San Antonio Carnival procession will now take place Thursday 9th March at 5pm – so an even better night out combining the two!

Pintxa San Antoni Website

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