Just Say N2O, 1,500€ Fines for San Antonio Laughing Gas Users

  • The Use Of Laughing Gas Prohibited
  • Users of ‘balloons’ will be fined

San Antonio is set to outlaw the use of laughing gas in public places.

The government team will make a modification of the municipality’s ‘Ordinance of Coexistence’ in this month’s full council session to the effect of prohibiting the consumption of nitrous oxide, NO2, better known as ‘laughing gas’ in public places.

Under current regulations local police can only act against those people who are caught selling laughing gas. Until now consumers could not be punished as the ‘laughing gas’ is not treated as an illegal substance or classified as a narcotic.

The proposal to the council plenary will make an addition to article 42, of the Ordinance of measures to promote and guarantee Coexistence a new regulation that prohibits “selling, promoting, advertising or facilitating access to nitrous oxide in public spaces, as well as the consumption of this substance or any other equivalent that, despite not being classified as a drug, may have harmful effects on the people who consume it.”

In all cases, and in accordance with existing municipal regulations, the sale of this gas is prohibited.

Failure to comply with these prohibitions will be considered an administrative infraction, not a criminal act.


Taking or facilitating laughing gas in public will be considered a serious infraction. Fines will range from 750€ to 1,500€

Where a person is found to be selling or facilitating to a minor under 18 years of age the matter will be classified as very serios. Fines will range from 1,500€ to 3,000€


  1. If the Town Hall have the power to do this, many people may question why they didn’t regulate it a long time ago?
  2. Given past experiences some people may ask, they can pass the law, but can they enforce it?