San Antonio Bay: Total Ban on Coastal Access For Cars

  • Cars and other motor vehicles, notably motorhomes and camper vans, will no longer be permitted to access any of the waterfront land from Pouet to Port De Torrent.

Pouet is the first area of San Antonio Bay, bordering the Municipality of San Antonio.

The ban will apply to all of the ‘informal’ parking areas and coastline tracks from Pouet, through Pinet Playa, Cala De Bou, along past the Residential areas and Kumharas, all the way through to Port Des Torrent.

San José mayor, Josep Marí Ribas, said that government officers had confirmed that there is considerable circulation and parking of cars, vans, motor homes and other vehicles along the length of the bay, and that the decision had been taken to close them entirely.

Residents & Motorhomes

Many of the areas in question are used by residents for parking. Many are ‘officially’ closed by the use of large rocks as barriers, however these often get mysteriously moved after they are put in place.

The prime sunset view spots are often occupied by motorhomes and caravans, prompting complaints by some residents who say the problem is getting out of control.

“The Coast is for People and Animals, Not Cars”

“People and animals must go to the coast, but cars, vans and other vehicles must not be allowed to enter,” the mayor said.

Therefore, the City Council will block the exit of the streets that empty into the coast so that, from these roads, you can not reach the shore by car, as now happens. To close these streets will be commissioned a project that could be implemented for the coming summer, but, tentatively, the City Council is planning to perform actions this season that hinder the arrival of vehicles to this stretch of coast.


The mayor went on to say that the works would be undertaken without delay.

“Our intention is to prevent all the road traffic that uses the coast of Cala de Bou, Punta Pinet, Punta Xinxó or Port des Torrent”, said the mayor, who added: “It is an area that has developed without urban planning, and although it is not all land in the public domain, the truth is that these spaces must be free of vehicles. The law says the coast must be accessible, but nowhere does it say that it has to be accessed by car,” he said.

“There may be exceptions, because if there is a pumping station or other services, systems will be put in place,” added the mayor.

The Sant Josep government team adopted this decision during the usual Monday meeting, but now the administrative procedures will begin to commission the corresponding project, both as a permanent solution and provisional systems for this summer.