• Sant Antoni City Council asks the Demarcation of Coasts (Costas) to act against these infractions

The City Council of Sant Antoni has detected this season, a hundred irregular anchorages that are in areas of competence of the Demarcation of Coasts, of which there is no authorisation.

The inspections, carried out by the Department of the Environment, have located vessels committing these infractions in front of the beach of s’Arenal, in ses Coves Blanques, in Caló des Moro, Cala Gració and Punta Galera, as the Consistory detailed in a statement.

The City Council recalls that it does not have “guardianship and police competence in these areas of maritime-land public domain”, so it has already transferred these irregularities to the Coastal Demarcation. In addition, Sant Antoni asks Costas to act on these vessels that are anchored without authorisation.

San Antonio asks Costas to Take Action on Illegal Moorings
San Antonio asks Costas to Take Action on Illegal Moorings

The infractions detected are due to vessels that are anchored by fixed structures [dead] that do not have the authorization of the Coast Demarcation, underlines the Consistory in its statement.

Lifeguards Monitoring Posidonia Protection at Cala Salada Beach

The Consistory has also remitted several infractions under Decree 25/2018 of July 27, on the conservation of the oceanic Posidonia in the Balearic Islands, since there is a Posidonia prairie off the beach of Cala Salada.

The City Council has also addressed the Balearic Government to enable a surveillance system of the Posidonia meadows. This summer the municipal administration has assumed control using the rescue, lifeguard and accessibility services on the beach.

The Council have promoted “a low impact anchoring system” in the area of ‌Salada and hopes that “once all relevant authorisations have been received, the use of this area will be allowed for the next summer season.”