• 13 premises in San Antonio, most of them in the West End, face temporary closure penalties imposed due to violations in noise control ordinances in 2017
  • Further fines and closures are outstanding relating to noise control and dynamic advertising (P.R.ing)

San Antonio town hall has resolved, or is processing, a total of 176 disciplinary proceedings against establishments that, in 2017, violated the municipal noise ordinance by letting their doors remain open whilst playing music inside

According to statements issued the “vast majority” of these actions relate to premises located in the West End.

Once all open cases for dynamic advertising and noise control have been completed, the total amount in fines could reach 197,100 euros.

Of the 56 cases for breaches of noise controls through open doors, 32 have been resolved amounting to 13,592€. Of greater financial consequence to those businesses, some have had sanctions extended to include the forced closure of their premises for up to 10 days.

Tax Agency Enforcement

The council say that if a fine is not paid promptly, the tax agency will be used to enforce the levy, through the instruction of the Tributary Agency of the Balearic Islands (ATIB), who have the power to seize the bank accounts or other income of the offenders.


In addition to the economic sanctions, the resolution of these 32 files includes sanctions by way of closures. To date, 13 businesses of the 32 fined for noise control violations have been served notice of temporary closures. The highest penalty is to close for 10 days. In total the 13 businesses affected will have to close 39 days, and average of 3 days per location.

The closure sanctions come into effect on 1st June and will be staggered over the following weeks.

Outstanding Cases

In addition, six cases of noise violation have been determined, but are still within the time period the business has to accept the council’s decision or submit an appeal.

Economic sanctions to these six premises will add 5,451 euros, with three of them also facing closures totalling 13 days, with 1 of the 3 businesses accounting for 10 of the 13 days.

Another 18 cases for noise infractions are still being heard. If found guilty another 20,400 euros in fines would be levied, and a further 42 closure days added to 9 premises, with the most serious offender facing 14 days of closure.

P.R.ing Sanctions

There has been 120 cases of Illegal P.R.ing and ticket sales opened from offences recorded in 2017. 45 cases have been finalised, resulting in fines of 62,100 euros payable by 12 premises.

The 13 cases resolved with ‘non-signature’ sanctions total 30,000 euros and affect eight locations.

In addition, there are another 62 proceedings pending for dynamic advertising that, if they become firm, will result in penalties of 105,000 euros.

One of the infringing establishments will face a penalty of over 10,000 euros.


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