San Antonio Town Council have today passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol from Midnight to 8am throughout the municipality.

The new regulations have been driven through the council’s agenda as a matter of urgency following recent cases of minors being found drunk in the town. Though under age drinking is the cause, and there is no suggestion of any connection to San Antonio’s party tourism reputation, the move is bound to have an effect on some retail establishments noted as all night off licences in the town during the summer months. Combining the ban with the stricter regulations already in place for the closing times of bars and clubs, it will be perhaps the first time that the town will have ‘dry’ hours during which alcohol cannot be purchased from any outlet.

Speaking of the initiative Councillor Juanjo Ferrer stressed that the regulations are designed to “protect the health of our children and ensure public safety is maintained.”

The ordinance was passed with all party consensus and now has to wait for a one month public consultation period for any objections before being passed into law. Establishments selling alcohol will then have one month to put the regulations into place or face fines ranging from 350€ to 1,500€.

The possibility of placing a bar on the opening of new Bodegas was considered infeasible due to Bodegas being covered by exactly the same licence as supermarkets and other food shops.