Francina Armengol

*Though widely referred to as the ‘Local Lockdown’, the actual regulatory content or geographical scope of the increased security measures are not yet known. 

We take no comfort in getting this one right, but we must be getting good at reading the signs and between the lines, as the announcements made today by Balearic President Francina Armengol mirror exactly our prediction of last Thursday 10th September. 

Armengol today confirmed that, following the first announced local lockdowns of four neighbourhoods in Palma, Mallorca, a series of enhanced security measures would now be introduced in San Antonio and Ibiza Town. 

Today’s announcement did not include specific details of what parts of the San Antonio and Ibiza Town municipalities would be subject to the new rules, nor exactly what the new rules would be, however she did confirm they would come into effect this Friday 18th September. The enhanced measures as implemented in Mallorca include:-

  • Preventing entry to the area for anything but a list of essential needs.
  • Group size is limited to 5 people.
  • All businesses must be closed by 10pm.
  • Confinement must be observed where directed.

The Ibizan has been receiving a constant flow of enquiries regarding the likelihood of potential local lockdowns, primarily from tourists and visitors travelling to the island in coming days and weeks. Here is our ‘best guess’ guidance issued in response to those queries last week. 

On Wednesday 9th September we said:-

Local Lockdowns in Ibiza.

If it happens, we stress IF it happens, it will look a lot like this.

The Balearic Government have just announced enhanced local controls in several neighbourhoods in Mallorca.

Below is the notice that will be posted in the streets affected.

  • The regulation prevents entering the area for anything but the specific reasons stated.
  • Group size is limited to 5 people.
  • All businesses must be closed by 10pm.
  • Confinement must be observed where directed.

Perhaps the most interesting point is that the controls have been applied to neighbourhoods and not entire municipalities. There is still no news regarding which, if any, Ibiza areas will be subject to these higher level controls.

On Thursday 10th September we said:- 

Local Lockdowns – Our Best Guess.

Following our post yesterday re the Balearic local lockdown of four neighbourhoods in Palma, Mallorca, this is our considered opinion of how it is likely to go for Ibiza in the short term. We stress that this is our opinion, not fact. But so many people, especially visitors, are asking us what will be happening in Ibiza that we feel it fair to at least share this.

We think that the 4 local neighbourhood lockdowns in Mallorca will be used as a test case. The Balearic Government and Ibiza’s own local government will be watching carefully to see how the various regulations work out. Which of the regulations is enforceable, which receives most public resistance and which are more or less practical.

In the meantime they will be studying Covid-19 infection rates very closely, looking at trends down to neighbourhood level across the island.

They will also study and consider the literal lay of the land – for example it has already been stated that an area having a playground or other public space that cannot be easily fenced off will go towards the reasons a particular neighbourhood would be locked down.

On the evidence of the first Palma local lockdowns over the first few days of operation, combined with statistical and other contributing factors, they will then decide whether any area in Ibiza needs to go into the same, or even a different version of, the Palma local lockdown.
After ‘if’ and ‘when’ there will be local lockdowns, the most common question being asked, particularly by tourists and visitors, is ‘where’ it will be implemented. This is an impossible question right now, however we think it worthy of mention that pretty well every press release and statement we are reading now makes mention of areas of ‘high urban density’. Our response to the visitor queries being received is the more rural you go, the less likely you are to be affected. We think that is pretty sound advice.

Several people are questioning the Palma lockdowns as having a hidden agenda in targeting the poorer and higher crime areas of the city. It is hard to ignore the fact that if the level of urban density is a major factor being used, it will mirror the less affluent areas of any urbanisation.

In summary, the Palma lockdowns start Friday night. Even if they are only studied over the weekend it would give Ibiza a reprieve until next week, and then at least a couple of days notice period. In our opinion whether or not anything is then implemented, and if it is, what is implemented, will depend not only on the numbers of infections, but also on the experience of the Palma 4. If it happens it will be in parts of Ibiza’s major urbanisations only.

That is our best guess. It is based on reading many press statements both in content and between the lines. It is advice given in good faith, so please forgive us if announcements are made the second this post goes live.