Ryanair to Close its Ibiza Base in Winter. “This Means War”, Pilot’s Union Reaction to Closures and Downsizing elsewhere in Europe.

The European Pilots Association (ECA) have said Ryanair’s actions of announcing winter closures in Europe amounts to a declaration of war. They say it will be “bound to worsen already tense staffing relationships”. Ryanair have faced several staff strikes in recent years.

Ryanair to Close its Ibiza Base in Winter

Meanwhile the Independent Union of Airline Cabin crew staff (Sitcpla) described the option of transferring to London given to the Ibiza Ryanair staff as being one of “going to hell”.

The announcement comes after press reports that the budget airline will close Ibiza’s base during the winter months. They are also closing and downsizing several other bases across Europe.

The 21 staff affected in Ibiza can either take 5 months unpaid leave, or transfer to Stansted airport. If they choose to transfer they will have to do so at their own cost, and would get no compensation or living cost allowances for doing so.

This is due to Ryanair not employing its staff under Spanish employment law. In Spain, employment regulations would require the employer to cover the costs of any such transfer.

Pilots Response

The European Pilots Association (ECA) has asked the Ryanair airline to “immediately” withdraw other announced closures. These include the bases in Eindhoven (Holland) and Bremen (Germany), as well as reducing the size of Niederrhein (Germany).

The ECA described the closure of bases and reduction of fleets announced by the low-cost airline as a “declaration of war”. The ECA said the closures “will exacerbate the recent deterioration” of the relationship between the company and its cabin staff, which in In recent months he has resorted to several strikes to ask for improvements in his employment situation.

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