The Ibizan gets the inside scoop with exclusive access to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, during their Ibiza holiday.

Royal Photo Diary

The Ibizan is the only newspaper with access to this superb and candid insight to the lives of the Duke and Duchess.

Excited? Probably best not to get your hopes up.  None of this sounds very likely does it?

Duke Harry Bakes a Cake

While Ibiza’s international media circus are so desperate for information on the Royal Couple’s whereabouts that they are debasing themselves with offers of 100€ finder’s fee rewards to that tier of concierge companies who are always waiting for their new business cards to be printed, and have one odd alloy wheel on their 12 year old Range Rover, The Ibizan were invited to be by Harry and Meghan’s side to share in their Ibiza joy away from the hoi polloi. And what an absolute pleasure it was. It was an immediate connection, a special bond that could only really be explained by some terrible mix up at birth. We were meant to be in with the good people, your betters. We knew it, they knew it, and we were happy to remind them of it several times during the day.

You do not really deserve this, but we have to be a bit Downton Abbey about our elevation to society’s upper echelons, so as our gift to you, the peasants of Ibiza, we present ‘Duke Harry Bakes a Cake, a photo story of that special day when the Duchess of Markel turned 38.

Here it is, our exclusive photo diary with Harry and Meghan.