The Executive Council of the Island Consell have approved the much discussed project to improve the Ses Paisses by-pass, known locally as the Ronda de Ses Paisses.

The project includes development of the three intersections on the stretch of road that leads from the main San Antonio to Ibiza Road, through to Cala de Bou and the start of the San José Road.

Ronda de Ses Paisses, Roundabouts in place of ‘Deathtrap’ crossings

Two of the intersections are an unusual type of semi roundabout, that are both abused by motorists, and even if used correctly, often leave drivers with a feeling of taking their life in their hands when traversing the fast traffic on the main carriageway.

A risk reduction is considered a priority, with this stretch of the El-30 categorised as a TCA (traffic accident concentration) in the highways plan of Ibiza.

In addition to the change in these turnings, improvements will be made to the existing roundabout at the San Antonio end of the road, and also drainage and lighting improvements.

The work has a budget of 700,000 euros and is expected to last 3 months. There is no indication of when the works will commence, but they wouldn’t possibly do it in the height of the tourist season – would they?


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