On the night from San Juan, one of the island’s prominent and emblematic artists passed away.

Roger was born in Beaconsfield on October 4th, 1943 , the middle of three brothers. On the Island since 1973, he worked for over 40 years in Ibiza. His primary inspiration was from nature, and oil on canvas his medium. Whereas he put a strong bias on landscapes there are also portraits among his work.

As a former Sanyasin of Baghran Sri Rajneesh, he had a strong affinity to India and its spirituality and was a lifelong proponent of meditation. He loved Asia and worked extensively in India and the Far East. In 2006 he initiated a project to aid children in Cambodia: With his own money, he started a painting school for children.

He held exhibitions in Ibiza (El Mensajero, Club Diario, Galería B12) and beyond including Berlin, Madrid.

From 2005 through 2015, he was one of the prominent proponents of the Art Club Ibiza, an artists’ association, and its initiative Ruta Del Arte which invited art lovers to the studios of local artists by staging an exhibition, and published a magazine profiling the island’s visual artists.

The following quotations are taken from various entries in the Ruta del Arte magazine. They give an insight to the man behind the easel.

“Some people ask me why I paint from nature in these difficult times. It is my conviction that the more each individual moves towards meditation the greater will be the chance for the world to succeed. My paintings are, in my opinion, successful in so far as they somehow bear the stamp of the Beyond in the depiction of the natural world. A hopeless task, but a wonderful challenge.“

“I am in opposition to the current movement of mainstream modern art which concerns itself with ideas and concepts. For me the great value of painting is that it does not use the intellect but communicates directly to the aware being of the observer. This is liberating whereas ideas do not take one beyond the mind. Painting is a wonderful simple invention to explore the soul of man and his relationship to the world.”

“I just read a book The End of Art by Donald Kuspit – a polemic against the avant-garde. It vindicates my decision in 1974 to go back to painting and drawing inspired by Nature as opposed to the intellectual machinations of the contemporary art world – which have led to degradation and nihilism. The contact of undisturbed Awareness, responding with hand and brush to the miracle of Nature, remains for me the only sound basis for painting.”

“So, I ask myself what makes a good painting? Two things stand out: It should have immediate impact – in other words it should hold the viewer and intrigue. And secondly, it should nourish over a long period of time on a psychological and emotional level like a friend. “

“Forty years painting on Ibiza – a lifetime! What’s it all about? Not commerce or fame – obviously. To give something back – yes. To search for the Promised Land (as Cezanne said) – yes. But above all, painting is an ideal vehicle for meditation, and the goal of meditation is Self-knowledge or Awakening. Have I got it? No. It can’t be ‘got’. It just is. The paintings? They are the residue of the search – a kind of testimonial.”

Roger Dixon, 4th October 1943 to 24th June 2018

Rest in Peace