• Resident Discount Increased to 75% on Inter-Island Flights.
  • Resident Discount Increased to 50% on Inter-Island Ferries.
  • Good transport subsidy increased by 30%.
  • Man gets Ryanair to accept resident details at first time of asking.

(one of the above statements may be fictitious)

The President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, announced this afternoon that the Balearic Islands will receive an increase in the air transport discount for residents from 50% to 75% on flights between islands, And from 25% to 50% on sea voyages between islands.

Rajoy has made the announcement while visiting Mallorca for the XII Insular Congress of the PP of Mallorca

In addition, it was announced that transport for goods destined for the Balearic Islands will benefit from an increase in the subsidy of 30%. “Now it can be done,” said the President of the Government.

Rajoy’s announcement came in the midst of a spat over resident’s discounts between the national government and the president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol (PSOE).

Armengol accused the Rajoy government of making “constant rejection and contempt towards the citizens of the Balearic Islands”, and was particularly miffed that the President would not allocate time to meet Armengol during his visit.

Still, good news about the discounting, though whether anybody will get Ryanair’s website to accept them is another matter.

On the subject of the increased discount for goods transport onto the island, we asked 8 top retailers whether this would be reflected by lower prices in the shops, we’ll take the fact none of them have stopped laughing yet as a no.