Christmas Spending, U.K. Highest, Spain Lowest

download-vector-image-formats-gift-cmx-and-eps-podarokzip-1839896International online retailer have published figures relating to the relative spending habits of different nationalities. The figures were prepared by the Retail Research Centre of Nottingham and show what some may consider a surprising difference in consumerism among different nationalities.

The average European household spends 643.10€ on Christmas gifts and festivities.

Within the European countries surveyed, the UK spends most, 963.86€ per household and Spain comes in last at under half that with a figure quoted of 414.54€.

Christmas Spending, U.K. Highest, Spain Lowest
Christmas Spending, U.K. Highest, Spain Lowest


christmas_gift_boxes_png_stock_by_jumpfer_stock-d6wqgunThough many of us may be pleased that Spain has not adopted the rampant consumerism that seems to dominate Christmas in the UK, the level of difference did seem extreme – particularly taking into account that these budgets included food, drink and other social aspects of the holidays. We asked the research centre whether they had included gifts purchased for Kings Day and they confirmed that yes, this amount did include Christmas and Kings gifts.

giftHowever, if we think the situation is out of control in the UK, it appears even more so in the USA with an average household spend 1,217.20€.

The report also gave information on what we give as gifts and where we spend our money. For those that consider Christmas is all about the children, their report indicates it is only 19.6% about the children; that being the amount spent on toys. One rather sad statistic is that it appears that 10% of people simply give money; nothing reflects the true Christmas spirit and joy of giving, than cash stuffed in an envelope.