Cor blimey, it’s still hot. If your Spanish is as ropey as mine, that could be why you’re seeing the locals brushing their foreheads and sighing, ‘Eeee, hace calor!!’

It’s on days like this that you just want to sit by a pool all day, eat good quality light snacks and frequently dunk your head under the water. Never fear, for we have the perfect spot to cool down in the sun. This year’s newest dining establishment, Relish Restaurant, is already getting a name for its great food, but it has also got a cracking pool for customers and a new daytime menu courtesy of the Relish Cafe which has now moved down the road to join forces with its big brother. Add some of the best cocktails in town and you can’t really find a better place to enjoy this sweltering heat. Relish Restaurant is located along the San Antonio bay road. Head along past Pinet Playa and turn right at the sign for the Hotel Milord.