relish3It’s hard to believe that there was a time when the bay of San Antonio wasn’t on the culinary map of Ibiza. Nowadays there are plenty of good eateries on the main bay road and even a few exceptional ones, one of which opened in 2005 and was called the Oasis Café. The place was very popular, but its tiny kitchen prompted owners Tony and Glyn to move to bigger premises and launch Relish Restaurant in 2008. Their idea was to service their clientele with a larger choice of quality food fit for a restaurant rather than a café. Relish soon became as popular as the Oasis Café and also started to outgrow itself. The full tables and queues around the block have been a nice problem to have for the restaurant owners, but they have known for a while that they will eventually have to relocate yet again when the perfect space became available. This year it did, and an old carvery by the Hotel Milord has become the new Relish Restaurant – which is doing very well, thank you please.

relish1But we’re not here to talk about the new digs. I’m here to chow down at the place that used to house the restaurant and has now become the Relish Café. The café, as the name suggests, has a stripped down daytime menu supplying breakfast and light snacks, but still retains Tony and Glyn’s continuing insistence on good quality ingredients and exceptional cooking. There’s plenty of choice from a stripped down menu and I can go for a salad, a burger, a ciabatta, a pizza, a jacket potato or a breakfast. It’s 2pm so I obviously go for a breakfast and ponder the super healthy option with some muesli concoction. The pondering doesn’t last long and I opt for the Relish Special with a glass of fresh juice. The plate really is special and contains 2 cumberland sausages, 2 eggs (I choose poached), 2 bits of bacon, beans, mushrooms, a little potato rosti, creamed spinach and toast with butter. The presentation is pretty good for what is basically a fry-up and it tastes marvellous. The sausages are grilled rather than the deep fat fried kind you find in less reputable establishments, the eggs are perfectly poached which is not easy in this heat, and the beans come in their own little pot which is a nice touch.

Relish-Cafe-54If you add to this the perfect choice of music, an industrial fan blowing at your head, exceptionally nice staff and super-fast Wi-Fi, chances are you’ll become a regular like me. I’ve even eaten other things apart from the breakfast – honest!