2,884 lightning bolts hit Ibiza and Formentera on Tuesday 27th during the storm

The Ibiza airport weather station recorded 58.1 litres per square metre in an hour before 1pm and Formentera recorded 60 litres per square metre. San Antonio wasn’t hit badly recording only 18.6 litres while San Juan recorded 26 litres.

The intense rainfall caused two inter island flights to be cancelled and four flights were diverted from the UK. In Ibiza three of the islands tunnels were closed for almost four hours.

Ses Figueretes

Many roads and car parks were flooded and in Figueretes the sewer system collapsed dislodging manhole covers and spilling dead rodents, faeces and debris onto the promenade. Many shops in the area also suffered flooding.


Rain also flooded the basement of the new Judicial headquarters in Plaza de sa Graduada in Vila, Ibiza. Forensics and jail cells are due to be located in the basement. The building currently has no inauguration date.     

The port of Ibiza also suffered a collapse in the new sewerage network with rain water and faecal matter being deposited in the port of Ibiza. The Balearic Port Authority reacted by installing a containment barrier to prevent the waste from spreading through the sea. The Coastal Cleaning Service will now assist in the cleanup.

Ibiza City Council reported they received 40 calls due to the rain in which manhole covers to sewers had been dislodged, containers had been moved by the water and from vehicles stuck in static traffic. Some businesses had to close on Avenida Ignasi Wallis to remove standing water.  

Playa d’en Bossa / es Vive

The road at the end of Playa d’en Bossa, near the Hard Rock Hotel remained flooded 24 hours after the intense rainfall disrupting traffic. Calle de la Murtra (the street in front of Hotel Garbi) was also affected badly prompting Councillor Daniel Becerra to report of Facebook “The City Council of Sant Josep must urgently invest in the improvement of infrastructure with a Sewer Master Plan that puts an end to this Third World image.” 

The Mental Health unit situated in es Vive filled with rain water from the storm interrupting consultations for almost an hour.

Playa d’en Bossa beaches were red flagged due to the storm.

Santa Eulalia

Police attended to nine incidents before midday on Tuesday due to the storm and for safety reasons the beaches of Cala Espart and Cala Olivera were restricted. The car parks of es Figueral, Cala Llenya and Punta Verde in Cala Nova were also closed. 

Santa Eulalia beaches were also red flagged due to the storm.

The road between Jesus and Talamanca also saw manhole covers dislodged. 

By 6pm on Tuesday, the emergency services recorded 32 incidents on the island with 14 of them in Vila. 

Photo Credit: Zoey Voeten