Pure Carl Cox, Techno Techno Techno Techno at Privilege Ibiza,

So how was it? For this we turned to someone who can only be known as ‘guest blogger’.

Why? Well he bunked off work to go. Naughty, but we’re not his mum.

Aside from a bit of a tidy up of the text, these are his words.

Privilege. World’s biggest club, and tonight it felt it.

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It felt like you always knew it should be. Like Paul Gascoyne lifting the world cup, like a 98 pill being an 89 pill, like a weekend when you went from club to club to club, on and on and on. This is pure clubbing.

Any other night the ‘support’ would have been accepted as great night headliners, Capriati taking it Tribal and tINI making it vinyl—tin, vinyl, get it? I know, it’s not funny right? But none the less it had some lad off his tits doubled up. I do declare he may have exploded before the night was out.

The action was plenty of distraction from those wanting to draw inevitable Space parallels, but then as there was a bit of Space stuff in there, and the rooms, perhaps we were meant to be feeling that old school Space vibe? Still best not to waste time discussing it in the karzee, because you know what’s coming, you feel the buzz in the air get double buzzy, then treble buzzy, and just before quad buzzy was recorded  ……, Boom! Techno, TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO and were off, dancin’ all, night, long.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

Pure Privilege

Before, during and since King Cox returned to his privilege position Tuesday night, it has had the party people raving like a 1989 Escort XR3i  full of Essex boys with the right directions.

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With privilege packed, and it has been a while since that combination of letters has tumbled off the keyboard, and not a dissenting voice to be heard, perhaps it is confirmation of Carl Cox as the most universally admired A-lister of them all.  Well we’re not going to argue. But we should not forget that however mega the man there is much more to making a show of this magnitude than mixing the music. It was great to see acknowledgement of many of the magic makers, here’s what the great and good had to say.

The Management …

“Last night we made history, thank you to all the DJ’s, the massive Pure Carl Cox team, the maestros Carl Cox and Eoin Smyth, and the family Browning who kept it all under control… Let’s face facts, that party was off the scale …..Ibiza party people giving it everything all night long.”

Dave Browning

The Sound …

“After so many years living on the island I can tell the acoustic of Privilege is one of the most complicated room … so I’m double impressed by the sound in the main room … double sick !!! Nice job”

Jean Cedric

The Rig …

Such an honour to have been a part of Pure Carl Cox last night. It was incredible to witness the power that this man commands, putting Privilege back on the map, with a capacity crowd for the first time in at least 10 years. An amazing design by Pedro Comesaña with the monster of all rigs from Tony Andrews and John Newsham at Funktion One.

Charlie Canavan

The Stylist …

Sooooooo buzzing after an INSANE Carl Cox last night!!!!!! This year I was given the role to look after the dancers… management, styling, costumes, makeup/hair and this is the result!!!!!! SO happy and proud of my 90’s raver ghetto girls you all looked insane!!!!! A very special thanks to Terri-lee Blake for helping me London sides, amazing costumes by Louise of Fuud London, Leah Timmins for logistics help, and Nicola Day for being the best hair stylist ever!!!!!

Jo Mackay

The Bring It On-ist …

The king is back! No matter how many cops are working for you. No matter how many banners were stolen from us. No matter how many big parties for free you get… And this is what you get! #PURECARLCOXIBIZA

Quini Jones

And perhaps most important of all, it being what it is all about,

The Dancing All Night Long-ist …

What an incredible night! We were dancing as long as our feet could carry us ;) Cox Carl you smashed it and superb by the Game Over team Dave Browning, Eóin Smyth, Carlos Vazquez, Tina Browning!

Lina Kotzian

So you have one more chance next week: Tuesday 18th July from 8pm

Go on, do it.

(we haven’t got a name to credit for the photos. If whoever it was sees this and contacts us we’ll be sure to add. Thanks to Eóin Smyth for sorting them out double quick for the print edition)

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