The Mayor of San Antonio, Marcos Serra Colomar, has announced provisional details of the San Antonio Local Lockdown coming into effect this coming Friday 18th September. 

The Mayor says that further details will be known following the directions of the Consellera de Salut during the day on Wednesday. 

At this stage the Mayor has confirmed the following details:-


See map below. The enhanced provisions will encompass most of the main urban area of San Antonio. This is as expected and so will exclude the rural areas to the north of San Antonio, the urban areas at the east and west fringes of San Antonio itself, Ses Paisses and the rural area towards and including San Rafael. For the confirmation of our tourist readers, San Antonio municipality does not include the area known as San Antonio Bay, which is part of the San Jose municipality and so not affected at this stage. 


The protocols come into force this Friday September 18th at 22:00 pm and will last for an initial period of 15 days.


“The free entry and exit of people in this area is restricted except for travel properly justified as going to work, school, doctor, banks…” Following the inclusions of this list, it means those living outside of the restricted area can travel into it for their work, or to take their children to school, to visit medical services or to go to their bank. In the same way, those living inside the green restricted area can leave it if they work outside it, or their children go to school outside it etc. What you can’t do is choose to go from outside the restricted zone into it just because you want to go to a particular shop or cafe, or to visit friends, and the same in reverse. 

However, “circulation through these streets is allowed whenever they originate and destination outside this core”. We read this as meaning that you can travel through the area if you are starting and ending the journey outside of the restricted zone – so for example you could travel from The Egg to The Sunset Strip through the green shaded restricted zone as long as you did not stop in the restricted zone on the way. The Mayor’s notes do not say what type of transit comes under ‘circulation’, so at this stage we do not know which of walking, cycling, travel by car etc. are allowed or not. 

“The circulation of resident people within the core is allowed, although it is recommended that the population remain at home and advised of travel and non-essential activities”. This is an interesting and perhaps unexpected clause meaning that those living within the restricted zone are still able to move freely within it, so perhaps technically a lock-in more than a lock-down, though the Mayor gives a recommendation, not a regulation, that people should stay home. 

Social & Business

“The closing time of establishments, shopping premises, restaurants, bars and cafes will not be able to exceed 22:00 hours in any case.”

“Social gatherings can’t exceed 5 people if they aren’t coexisting”.

“Activity of gyms and sports centers of all kinds, parks and gardens, and children’s playgrounds for public use and children’s leisure premises is suspended.”

We will update the San Antonio information, and present that for Ibiza Town, as soon as it is available.