We’ve always felt the Cala Llonga community have a certain special something, this small coastal hamlet on Ibiza’s East Coast have a reputation for community organisation that belies their diminutive size. 

A fine example of that special something has occurred for each of the last 6 new years when their band of self titled Vikings go for a swim – but not for them the usual new year quick dash in and out of the water timed to fulfil the social media photo requirement whilst avoiding hypothermia. In Cala Llonga they do it longer. Much longer. They pride themselves on a proper swim for new year, and anyway, as Vikingess Carol told us, “it was warmer in than out”. 

Their hearty resolve was rewarded with hot chocolate, mince pies and Christmas cake, “enjoyed on a beautiful clean beach with crystal clear water, the most refreshing way to kick off 2021 to a good start” said Carol, who invited all to join them for New Year 2022. 

It was certainly a lot colder than these photos make it look, so well done to all who took the plunge and Happy New Year to Everyone

Pictured; Carol, Beryl, Big Jane, Little Jane, Ger, Linda, Andrew, Johanes, Mati, Alan & Pablo