Balearic President Armengol met with Ibiza’s five mayors on Wednesday 18th of November.

President Armengol reported that Ibiza’s improvement in its epidemiological data gave sufficient cause to think some of its current restrictions could be eased from November  27th, however she was at pains to state that the island returns give no cause for celebration, “we should not be launching rockets” she said.

A relaxation of the containment measures that form part of decree 15/2020 rely upon continued improvement in the incidence rates of Covid-19 infections.

President Armengol was speaking to press after the meeting held at Sa Coma and attended by president of the Consell, Vicent Marí, the general director of Benefits and Pharmacy, Nacho García, along with Ibiza’s five mayors.

Right Direction But No Cause for Celebration

Armengol explained that the epidemiological situation in Ibiza “continues to be complex”, although “it has improved” in recent days. She said that providing this trend continues there would be a re-evaluation of the regulations in conjunction with Ibiza Consell. “Some parameters that were triggered have fallen, but they remain high”, she warned.

For example, for the entire island there is a cumulative incidence in 14 days of 232.57 cases, when 11 days ago it was 347.5.

Similarly, the positivity rate of the tests carried out (mainly PCR) is currently 5.84%, when 15 days ago it was 7.81%.

“It improves, but not so much as to launch rockets and shelve the control measures, which are working but at the same time are not enough,” Armengol stressed.

Later Curfew and Hospitality, Open Playgrounds

Talking of specifics, the president said that from November 27th the curfew could happen at “11 or 12 at night, which would also allow us to increase the opening hours of bars and restaurants.” Exterior and interior capacities would also be evaluated, and other public spaces could be re-opened, including children’s playgrounds. “Social demand is important in this regard and I think it could already be met with security measures,” she said.

“Image of a Safe Destination” May Require PCR Tests From Spain

Armengol highlighted the need for the island to give “an image of a safe destination”, for which she explained that she is continuing negotiations with the Government of Spain requesting that the control at origin by means of PCR test does not affect only travellers arriving from abroad, but also from Spain. This is an important comment as until now it is only the Canary Islands who require origin screening from other regions of Spain.

The president of the Consell, Vicent Marí, was satisfied that the incidence of the coronavirus has dropped on the island, something that he thanked the population, reminding them that “without health there will be no economic recovery. The president of Ibiza said, “We must not lower our guard, we must not relax”.