Ibiza Consell President Vicente Torres received a delegation of San Antonio West End business owners today.

The representatives of West End businesses were looking to the Consell chief for support in the face of the proposed further reduction in their permitted trading hours to be heard at this Wednesday’s San Antonio Town Hall full council meeting.

The San An Mayor is seeking to restrict the opening of bars in the West End to a maximum 3a.m. closing time, compared to 5a.m. at present.

The proposed change would fall within regulations that designate San Antonio West End as an area of ‘special acoustic controls’.

If passed, the reduction would come on top of a steady stream of ever more restrictive trading conditions over recent years.

President’s Response

Though the President committed to contacting San Antonio Town Hall to find out more about the proposed changes, he made it clear that his sympathies and support lay entirely with the San Antonio Town Council.

In a press statement issued following the meeting, which was markedly not accompanied by the usual cordiality photography, the President insisted that “this is a municipal responsibility and, as such, San Antonio town council have the total support of Ibiza Consell regarding measures to improve the quality of the tourism model and to reduce the inconvenience caused by the current environment, and suffered for years by residents and visitors alike.”

Whilst there is speculation that the latest changes could, if passed, seal the fate of the West End, there are those among the business community that are talking positively of their possibility of reversing the current political direction.

One insider said, “a lot of very clever people have been working very hard, it’s not over yet”.

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