Formentera: Port Closed To Posidonia Abuse Boats

  • Formentera Marina: Photo Sergi Candelas

The Marina de Formentera Company that manages the Poniente Port of La Savina has announced they will not allow admittance to vessels that have been warned, or found guilty of anchoring in the restricted Posidonia meadows.

The move is taken in light of many boats continuing to ignore the regulations which prevent them dropping anchor in much of Ibiza’s coastal waters. The regulations are designed to protect the fragile Posidonia seagrass meadows, which have suffered as a result of anchors dragging along the seabed and so removing the Posidonia and also churning silt which then blocks the sunlight on which the Posidonia relies to survive.

Marina de Formentera Manager, Juan Costa, said that with immediate effect their moorings would not be available to vessels that flout the regulations “any vessel that has been issued a warning will be considered ‘non gratos’ in their facilities”.

Costa went on to say that, their decision has been motivated by “a lack of sufficient measures being taken to punish those guilty of not observing the regulations”.

Pitiusa Ecology, the company holding the government contract for making boat owners aware of the regulations, is owned between Ibizan Marina, Santa Eulalia Club Nautico, Ibiza Magna and the Marina de Formentera who hold a 35% stake. They will use the information of Pitiusa Ecology along with the input of volunteers such as Maria Jose Estarellas to impose the ban.

“Some can escape us, but this move puts pressure on them,” said Costa. He went on to urge others in the marine industry to adopt similar measures. “If more marinas join the initiative it will have an increasingly strong effect”.

Editor. It seems Formentera have done it again. Facing a problem that seems to have many stumped, they come up with an effective solution in the absence of tough financial sanctions. For this initiative to have full impact, it must rely on the other marinas around Ibiza joining them. If a vessel were not able to use any marine facilities around the island, it would surely have the effect of ensuring they respected the regulations, or went elsewhere. Either way the Posidonia protection is increased.