Posidonia, an Art exhibition

French artist Catherine Javel currently has an exhibition in Ibiza entitled ‘Posidonia’. Catherine has a high school diploma in Fine Arts from France, but spent thirty years living in Ibiza. She returned to France to educate her children, but began to miss the sea and her favourite place Salinas, so started to use these as subjects in her work. The inspiration of the beach and Salinas are reflected in these works, characterised by the great variety of techniques and textures that evoke these landscapes. Many of the works feature dried posidonia (sea grass), sand, salt and found objects from the beach on Japanese paper, using blue resin to evoke the colour and transparency of the sea in Ibiza.
The exhibition sends a message of complaint against the potential pollution of the Mediterranean, and particularly against oil exploration. Catherine said in a recent article in the Diario, that this work is a complaint against oil prospecting, pointing out that Ibiza is a World Heritage Site for the posidonia, which is the oldest and largest living thing in the world, and that she wanted to make a tribute to the sea grass and warn about its potential destruction.
The exhibition is on until July 4 in the Sala de Cultura Sa Nostra-Consell d’Ibiza, C/ Aragón, 17. Usually open Monday to Friday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm.