Portuguese Magnate Dies on Ibiza Superyacht.

Firefighters Needed to Remove the Corpulent Pedro Queiroz 

One of the most important businessmen in Portugal has died on his superyacht moored in the exclusive Ibiza Magna area of Ibiza port.

Age 69, Pedro Queiroz collapsed when returning to his cabin. The initial reports of investigators say it is very unlikely his fall would have played a part in his death, which was in likelihood due solely to a heart attack.

The death of the Portuguese magnate has been covered extensively in their national press, and the country’s president paid his respects, commenting on his importance to Portugal’s business sector and that his death was one ‘”too soon”.

In his younger days Queriroz had success as a racing driver, gaining a particular reputation for handling difficult cars.

Queriroz included Ibiza and Formentera on his annual Mediterranean sailing route, often using his boat for business meetings. He always moored in the exclusive, and most expensive, Ibiza magna part of Ibiza port, adjacent to the monument to the corsairs.

The attention of the emergency services caused considerable attraction among the many tourists in the busy Ibiza port area. Unfortunately the removal of the corpse took an undignified turn when medical staff were unable to remove the body due to Queriroz’s corpulence, and so had to call upon firefighters to assist in the task which took several hours to complete.