• A fire has taken hold in scrub land adjacent to the Seaview Hotel in Port Des Torrent.
  • It is a significant fire, declared at 15:19 hours and categorised as Level 1.
  • Strong winds have made it a tougher job for emergency services. 
  • Attending the scene are 3 aircraft, 3 helicopters, 2 fire engines, 4 teams of bomberos, plus environmental agents and technicians.

words Nick Gibbs, photos Dave Butler. 

It is a significant fire, but not an unusual one. I live approximately 200 metres from the blaze and that land has caught fire several times in my tenure.

True to form the U.K. press has gone nuts, with the Daily Star reporting: “BREAKING: Explosions heard in Ibiza as fire ravages Brit party island. HOLIDAYGOERS were forced to flee beaches in Ibiza when a fire began raging nearby as witnesses reported seeing exploding gas canisters.”

I cannot say categorically there were not exploding gas canisters, but the ‘explosions’ video offered by the Daily Star is nothing more than wind noise in the microphone.

I can say categorically that their assertion that “Beaches across Ibiza have been evacuated as a wildfire rips through the party island” is absolute nonsense as is “people scrambling to get away”.

And as for all of the panicking tweets from family in the U.K., don’t put out such ridiculous nonsense and then they wouldn’t be panicking would they? Idiots.

For the reassurance of relatives in the U.K., it is a significant fire, but  nothing that the awesome ‘bomberos’ firemen and women here do not take in their stride. No-one is at risk.