A break in a waste effluent pipe on Sunday 19th of August resulted in raw sewage pumping into Ibiza town harbour. The foul stench was too much for some of the yachts moored in the most exclusive and expensive part of the port, Ibiza Magna, leading to several of the most luxurious boats in Ibiza to up anchor and leave the island.

However, it is not just the marine elite who have had enough. The raw sewage has reached the fishermen’s wharf, and is also affecting the Formentera ferry jetty and the small boat service linking the port to Figueretes and Es Vive. Workers from both ferry services said that passenger numbers had decreased in the week long port pollution, with the public unwilling to get too close to the pong.

The General Director of Water Resources of the Government, Joana Grau, said that every effort had been made to rectify the ruptured pipe, including the hire of a special contamination cleaning boat, and four pumping trucks.

Grau confirmed that the rupture was caused by a special flange breaking, and that once discovered, it was necessary to request a new replacement be manufactured. The replacement has now been fitted and the leak stopped, however Grau said it would be another week before the odour from the contamination was completely gone.

President of the Ibiza Charter Association, Ismael Duran, reported many complaints from customers. “The situation is shameful” he said, “The problem of sewage contamination is  repeated so often that it seems normal to us.”

El Emisario (the Sewerage Pipe)

Fancy an hour or two immersed in Ibiza’s poo? Celebrate our island’s broken sewerage system with El Emisario, our game that let’s you plop til you drop.

You will need a dice and something to use for player markers, and a printer for the game board itself.


  • You need to have a number 2 to start.
  • Land on a toilet roll for an extra roll.
  • Land on some British louts urinating in the street and miss a turn.
  • Land on two German girls with a cup and get two extra turns to get away fast.
  • Get your jobby all the way to Ibiza Town and you need another number 2 to send your poo to Mallorca.
  • BUT should you land on a brown broken pipe at any time, you are flushed out to see and have to start again.

It’s fun for all the family, except constipated elderly people, who may think you are just taking the piss, which is a whole other game.