• National Police Report New Modus Operandi For Burglaries. The first break in is from your vehicle to obtain house keys left in the car and details of your address

By Rhian King

As part of the Safe Tourism Plan, the National Police have reported a new modus operandi of residential burglaries with criminals using a different technique to the usual break ins.

The first part of the crime is theft from inside vehicles parked in leisure/beach areas and will go unnoticed by the vehicle owner. Using this method, they will obtain any keys to the vehicle owners residence left in the vehicle for safe keeping, and using the documentation for the car they can locate the corresponding residence to the stolen keys.

The second part of the burglary takes advantage of the fact that when cars are parked at the beach or leisure facilities, the owners will usually be away from the residence for a long period of time. This gives the thieves the benefit of a lower risk of being disturbed whilst they access the interior of the homes, using the stolen keys, to remove items of value.

This method does not require intimidation, violence or threats, and the criminals strive to ensure that their actions are not detected promptly, thereby hindering any police intervention. Police say it has even been known for the thieves to return the stolen keys to the interior of the vehicle.

As such, the National Police are reminding residents and visitors that it is advisable to carry only strictly necessary belongings, and that valuables should not be left inside vehicles. ‘The best option to avoid a crime is its prevention, and citizen participation is essential’ said a spokesperson.