It is being claimed that a mob of between 20 and 30 Senegalese traders descended on Sant Josep Police station yesterday demanding the release of their friend following the arrest of an illegal trader on Ses Salinas beach.
Despite the arrested man having run into the sea and taunting Police which resulted in 3 patrols being required for his arrest, throwing a sarong over the police in an effort to make his escape in which he knocked over several tourists, and according to the diario having kneed one of the police in the testicles, the Police released the man when faced with the angry mob.
In a move that is already resulting in considerable controversy Police chief Juame Ramon said they decided to release the man in the interests of public safety in the face of the mob of “very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”

The diario reports the circumstances of his arrest as follows

“To arrest the Senegalese ‘CI’ three patrols of the local police were needed. The arrest took place on the beach of Ses Salines, when the man was seen hawking.  The incident occurred in the morning. An officer tried to make the arrest, but CI went to sea and did not want to leave. “Do not! I do not want to! Come and get me if you want! “He cried.

He spent several minutes in the water, but finally agreed to leave. However, when he was near the agent he  threw a sarong over him and began to make an escape in which he hit at least four tourists. Police reinforcements had arrived, but a group of about 20 street vendors tried to prevent CI being arrested. Finally, the officers achieved their task, but not before, according to information gathered by this newspaper, the Senegalese kneed one of the local agents in the testicles.”

The man was then taken to Sant Josep Police station on which the angry mob descended later in the afternoon. Despite Police playing down the incident by saying he was due for release anyway, there are suggestions that in the circumstances of his arrest/prior offences, he should have been passed into the custody of the Guardia Civil.