Commercial Sanctions

In an environment of ever tighter operating regulations for Ibiza’s bars, Police are taking a tough stance with daily reports of sanctions levied. Here are the latest from the San Antonio Police.

The Local Police of Sant Antoni has denounced two establishments this weekend for non-compliance with Covid-19 sanitary regulations.

Passeig de s’Arenal

Police were quoted as saying “practically none of the sanitary regulations had been satisfied”. The police said they found a barbecue for “more than a hundred people” on the terrace of the premises “without having permission to do this activity and using a non-approved deposit.”

In addition, they exceeded the allowed maximum overall capacity and did not comply with the minimum safety distance between customers and/or between tables.

Additional complaints were filed because more than 35 people were in the bar “when its use is prohibited from this Saturday,” they said.

Further sanctions were made because staff were not wearing appropriate masks and cleansing gel was not available at the entrance.

Soledad Street

Local Police also denounced a local on Soledad Street for failing to comply with sanitary measures such as exceeding the allowed capacity, not wearing a mask and making use of the bar counter.


Agents also carried out a control last night on vehicles and people, who were informed about the new situation. No charges were made against those breaking the curfew due to the short notice between it being announced and implemented. Police say they will be actively publicising the curfew and requirements of commercial establishments in coming days.

Private Parties

Ibiza’s reputation as a party island is long held and hard earned. However, we all know that the party has gone on hiatus in 2020. Covid-19 regulations include huge fines for anybody foolhardy enough to break the rules on social distancing for the sake of a boogie on the dancefloor or even a thwack of a Piñata. The rules are well known and the fines are enormous. But still it seems, some people are determined to ignore the Government controls. Ibiza has had a week of police party interventions.

A birthday party in Ibiza ends with 69 complaints

The Local Police of Ibiza has filed a total of 69 complaints against the participants in a birthday party that was being held at the Sant Jaume bastion and attended by 28 people.

The events took place Tuesday 13th October, at 8:45 p.m., when a service patrol found the group of people who were drinking alcohol in this area. All the participants were denounced for not wearing the mask and for violating the number of people gathered in one place. In addition, the agents also imposed a penalty on 12 of these people for consuming alcohol on public roads.

The Police also reported the birthday party organizer for an alleged serious infraction in Decree Law 11/2020. The sanction can result in a fine of between 30,000 to 60,000 euros.

One detainee and 30 denounced at illegal party in Sant Josep countryside

Local Police and agents of the Civil Guard dismantled a party shortly after midnight on 11th October. The event was being held in a feixa on the Camí de Cas Colls, near Sant Josep. The police found that alcoholic beverages were dispensed, there was a dj, a portable toilet and several bonfires.

The Local Police said that agents denounced 30 people who participated in this party, which was taking place in a wooded area and without respecting health and environmental regulations.

In addition, the Local Police highlighted, the agents denounced a person for assaulting an agent.

The complaints have been processed for violations of health safety regulations since the attendees were not wearing masks or observing social distancing regulations.

Police also said that various complaints were filed regarding activities and the environment, due to fire and noise, which led to the confiscation and removal of the sound equipment that those responsible for the event had transported to this feixa del Camí by Cas Colls.

According to the Local Police, the agents had knowledge of what was happening because they received a call from a neighbour who informed them about the inconvenience caused by the noise.

The person responsible for the activity faces a significant financial penalty, warned the Police.

Police sanction 27 people of the 46 who participated in an illegal party in Ibiza

The Local Police of Sant Antoni stepped in to stop a party in a private home on Pablo Picasso street. According to the Sant Antoni City Council, the agents appeared at the place where they found a group of 46 people, who were playing games and consuming alcoholic beverages outside the plot without adopting any preventive measures.

Those attending the party did not comply with the corresponding Covid-19 sanitary measures, since they did not wear the mandatory mask or keep the established safety distance.

The patrol carried out a first count of the people gathered , counting 41 adults and five minors, and identified the owner of the house, who is considered responsible for the concentration of people in his home and to whom the proceedings were instructed for an alleged crime against public health.

The agents also identified the party attendees and reported a total of 27 people, since the rest of the attendees left the place through the walls and walls of the adjoining farms in the presence of the patrol.

More Parties Stopped

The Civil Guard and the Santa Eulària Police stopped a party in a tourist house in Ca na Negreta, and those responsible will be fined.

That same day the Sant Josep Police reported 50 people for a birthday party in a coastal area of Platges de Comte. The organizer faces a 60,000 euro fine.

In these parties the sanitary measures were not respected either.


  • These composite Ibiza party reports are compiled from Police statements, Police social media, and local media sources.