3  More Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Guardia Civil have arrested three people in a further operation against drug trafficking.

This latest in a serious of busts was made at a bar located between Playa den Bossa and Sant Jordi.

The raid was made on Friday and officers used specialist drug detection dogs.

Police Drug Success Due to Chance Find of 11,000 Pills
Police Drug Success Due to Chance Find of 11,000 Pills

No further details were given as police said the raid was part of an ongoing operation.

Guardia Civil Reveal Earlier Operation Result of Accidental Find Of 11,000 Pills

On the 4th August, Guardia Civil agents arrested 10 people, most of them British and Romanian,  whom they claim control the west end drug trade.

6 were remanded in custody awaiting trial and 4 were released on bail.

A few days later agents of the organised crime and anti-drug team (EDOA) of the Guardia Civil arrived from Majorca and raided a house in Ses Paisses.

This operation resulted in the detention of 5 British men, 2 of them just 18 and 19 years old.

In this second raid, they found Cocaine, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, Viagra, MDMA and Nitrous Oxide.

They have now revealed that the raid was as a result of an accidental discovery of a box containing 11,000 pills.

The box was found close to the house they then raided, a safe stash that proved to be anything but.

the 11,000 pills that were accidentally discovered close to the house that was then raided

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