Operation ‘Grey Lion’ began at the beginning of the year and has culminated in the arrests of 7 members across Mallorca, Ibiza and Valencia.

Vehicles, high-end watches, stolen items and money have been seized. 

The Guardia Civil are dismantling and arresting members of an Albanian-Kosovar criminal gang that committed approximately 150 crimes across the Balearic Islands. To commit the burglaries they used tools and various techniques to enter the properties. In the video posted on the Diario de Ibiza website you can see them using a swimming pool cleaning pole to disrupt the security cameras.

Police Dismantle Criminal Gang Of Burglars
Police Dismantle Criminal Gang Of Burglars


The first two members of the gang were arrested in April this year in Mallorca, at the apartment they rented in the ‘Es Pil-lari’ area of Palma. Further arrests were made in August when one member was intercepted driving a vehicle stolen from the garage of a property in Llucmajor, Mallorca and another man was arrested in Ibiza while travelling on a ship bound for Valencia. In later days, agents moved to Valencia acting on information the gang leader resided there; the leader and two other members were arrested.


During operation ‘Grey Lion’ several high-end vehicles valued at more than €300,000 have been recovered. These include a Porsche 911, BMW X5, a Volkswagen Golf and a Seat Leon.  

Watches have also been recovered, all of them from high-end brands such as Tag Heuer and Cartier, as well as handbags, cameras and computers from thefts committed on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. 

Most items have been returned to their owners.

Most Active Criminal Gang

This criminal gang was one of the most active in recent years in the Balearic Islands. Dedicated to burglaries, the gang would periodically send most stolen items to Albania for sale on the black market. 

All detainees have been remanded in custody.