• There were seven tables with 26 people seated being served by two waiters

The Local Police of Sant Antoni has dismantled a restaurant bar that operated without a license in a private home.

The matter was announced in a press release in which the council stated that agents verified that outside the house, located on Miguel Ángel street, there were seven tables, all occupied, with a total of 26 people who were consuming drinks. Two people present were responsible for serving the tables.

The home also had the usual elements of a restaurant bar, such as large refrigerators with drinks and oil and condiments on the tables.

The agents compiled information on those behind the organisation of what the council called a “furtive bar”. Sanctions were commenced for not having the necessary measures to avoid infections by SARS-CoV-2, and the agents ordered the “paralysis of the clandestine activity”.

There was no information provided on the extent of the fines to which those sanctioned may face.

Further Infractions

The press report went on to detail other Police actions it has taken over the last week.

Specifically, the agents filed four complaints for smoking on public roads, five for not wearing the mandatory mask, not keeping the safety distance and not respecting the curfew, and another four for not respecting the prohibition of driving on public roads without just cause after hours.

In addition, the agents have drawn up two sanctions in the last seven days against those responsible for two premises that remained open after ten at night. Two other stores were denounced because they did not keep the safety distance between customers, they did not have information on Covid-19 or hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and also for exceeding the capacity and the number of tables.

Also, added Sant Antoni, one more location was denounced for not complying with the rules to avoid contagions, since customers were served at the bar inside and the waiters served without a mask.

During the week, the Local Police has also drawn up two sanctions for holding meetings, parties or other acts in which the situation made it difficult to adopt sanitary precautionary measures.

Noise Infractions

There were also actions taken for situations unconnected to Covid-19 regulations. Several complaints were filed for non-compliance with municipal ordinances. Two for having music with speakers facing the outside, three for annoying neighbours and one more for what the council called “musical noises”, sorry, we’ve no idea how musical noises differs from music – probably EDM?? (sorry)