San Antonio Police have been called to a house where they found 70 dogs and 30 cats living in unsanitary conditions. Complaints from neighbours at the noise and smell emanating from the property lead to the police action, which resulted in the discovery that of all 70 dogs, only 3 were chipped with health records. The police were accompanied by environmental health technicians who reported that whilst most of the animals did not have the mandatory health card and chip, they were in generally good health, but some were overweight, that they lacked sufficient shelter and were living among their own filth. The police are taking necessary steps to resolve the situation which could lead to the animals being removed.

Soon after publishing the story we were contacted by a reader who relayed a very different account, describing the person living at the property as a “wonderful woman who is well known to the animal rescue community. She has been single-handedly rescuing animals for years and is a real heroine.” Another comment said “If this is who I think it is then it’s just another animal protector being victimised.” Several further messages of support for the owner of the animals were also received.