Santa Eulalia Police had to call upon Police and Guardia Civil reinforcements when they felt threatened by the aggressive response of party goers during an operation to close down a party at Cala Nova.

The Police say that they had received regular complaints from residents in the area, saying that a business was holding illegal parties beyond the limits of their property and permissions, and that the parties were continuing late into the night when they moved to the beach.

The statement of santa Eulalia town hall said that there were concerns for public safety and the risk of fires, in addition to the problems of co-existence.

Police Call for Reinforcements when Cala Nova Party Goers Fight Back
Police Call for Reinforcements when Cala Nova Party Goers Fight Back

On the 10th of August police attended and found that there was a party in progress. They opened a formal complaint file, and as a temporary measure issued an order that the owner of the nearby business, who was charging 5€ entry, could not cook any food.

It then transpired that through some direct action by disgruntled party goers, it was planned to continue with the party of their own accord.

Two police officers attended and, finding a large gathering of people, they instructed them that the party could not continue. On approaching an individual who had four large drums, the Police officers report that the crowd of people became very agitated and started to hurl abuse at them. The crowd had penned the two officers back against a wall and fearing for their safety the Police called for back up. 7 additional officers and a squad of Guardia Civil responded to their call in quick time.

Were you at this or any of the Cala Nova parties? Or are you a local resident? We would love to hear all sides of this story.

Feature photo of Cala Nova beach by ibiza beaches online