National Police scored a double result this week when they apprehended a young Spanish man said to be the armed robber who held up a petrol station brandishing a knife in September.

The man had waited for the clerk to be alone late at night and after threatening them with his knife, he made off with cash on a stolen motorcycle to which he had added stolen plates.

Once in custody, the Police have been able to link the perpetrator to a series of violent muggings across the island. Victims of these crimes have been exclusively women, with many left traumatised by the experience. The moto-mugger approaches his victims riding a stolen motorcycle, and grabs their handbag, becoming violent if there is any resistance.

The arrest was carried out on Monday after various lines of enquiry undertaken by officers of the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of Ibiza Police Station lead them to identify the individual.

In addition to the armed robbery and the muggings, Police are confident they have evidence that he is behind another serious robbery in Ibiza in which a safe was stolen from a car wash premises.

A spokesperson for the Police said they are also investigating his involvement in further crimes.