Police Arrest 18 Men of 50 Who Arrive on Small Boats

One boat landed in Sòl d’en Serrà and then two more to Es Cubells.

Police arrested 18 of an estimated 50 people in the three small craft.

The first of the three boats landed at Sòl d’en Serrà around 8a.m. Saturday.

The Diario de Ibiza shared a video filmed by a local fisherman. With excellent clarity the video shows the small craft arriving at the coastline close to the Amante Beach Club, and its occupants scrambling up the steep cliffs. 

It is not the first time that a boat has arrived at this location, leading to speculation of it being a favoured spot on the coast – though there is no proposal given as to what the attraction may be. 

Later in the day two more boats arrived at Es Cubells on Ibiza’s South coast. 

Police have estimated the total number of people in all three boats as around 50. 

They confirmed the arrest of 18 adult males, with steps being taken to try and locate those who were not aprehended on arrival. 

The Guardia Civil established roadside checks and patrols of areas it was considered the refugees would emerge. A helicopter was used in the search and the Red Cross were also called into attendance. 

Earlier this month Ramón Morey, Ibiza’s delegate on the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands, said that the arrival of Illegal Immigrants by boat to Ibiza would only be in the case of a failed journey. He said that those looking to enter Spain illegally would not choose to do so via Ibiza unless their navigation or conditions at sea had brought them here against their intentions.