By Nick Gibbs

The promenade fronting Playa Bella hotel terrace has always been a popular choice for good food at very good prices and for many is Ibiza’s spiritual home for bingo and hotel cabaret nights. They have now added a traditional Sunday Roast to their menu and we were pleased to accept an invitation to try this and – what the chef said – would be something a little different to start. We waited expectantly and were very pleased when he served another home favourite, the Ploughman’s lunch, but as you can see from the photograph we cannot describe this as a Ploughman’s of ordinary standards. The home-made pork pie was excellent and only marginally better than the accompanying ingredients of apple, cheese, tomato, local ham, pickled onions, lovely bread and of course pickle.


Onto the main event, and I have to concede that I’m not a summer roast lunch devotee as I always associate our national dish with winter days in front of log fires more than in blazing sun on a Mediterranean beach. The Playa Bella’s offering did much to change my mind and for several good reasons. The vegetables and potatoes were all cooked on the side of al dente and this reduced the stodge factor, leaving me feeling much lighter after the meal than would have been the case at my mum’s table. Also it was great to see that the vegetarian option that I selected had some thought behind it and wasn’t straight from the shop freezer.

And finally, perhaps the greatest accolade of all is that the chef has managed to take the title of best pork crackling away from all of the other cracklings I’ve discovered on my extensive travels. A winning menu in a great location, with sea breeze on your face.