On the west coast of Ibiza, there are 4,576,115 microplastics per square metre.

More than 30 catering companies on the island have already joined the ‘single use’ plastic reduction scheme promoted by Ibiza and Formentera without Plastic (IPF).

Certificates confirming their alliance to becoming single use plastic free have been handed out and stars will be merited according to their use of single plastics.

Over a five-year plan, 33 hotel companies have agreed to eliminate 3 single use plastic products – those that pollute the most and create a timetable to reduce and eliminate single use plastics all together.

Those certified will obtain a qualification which is divided into three categories: 1 star for those eliminating 3 single use plastic items, 2 stars for removing 50% of single use plastics from their establishments and 3 stars for those eliminating 100% of single use plastics.

“With this certification we want to recognize the good practices of the private sector who add to this mission”, explained Sandra Benbeniste, director of the Foundation for the Conservation of Ibiza and Formentera (IPF), during the presentation. Benbeniste also thanked the collaboration for the 20+ local and non-profit organizations who are participating in the project.

In Formentera there are already 50 hotels, restaurants and cafes who are committed to working on this initiative in addition to the 33 hotel companies added. With the approval of pioneering laws at both Balearic and European levels, single use plastics will be banned form 2021.

On the west coast of Ibiza, “4,576,115 microplastics float per square metre”.
The project hopes to raise awareness amongst residents, workers and tourists as to the importance of reducing plastics in our environment.