Photo courtesy of Diario de Ibiza- Formentera passengers tested before travel. Photo credit Sergio G. Cañizares

Ibiza remains at Phase 0 – What is allowed?

Formentera has entered Phase 1 of the de-escalation plan today, although hotels will remain closed. Rapid tests and temperature checks are performed before travel to Formentera.

Ibiza Phase 0 – What is Allowed?

  • Ibiza will remain at Phase 0 for the time being and here we give information on what is allowed.
  • You can visit and attend to your allotment or municipal gardens as long as they are in the same municipal term of residence or in one adjacent to it.
  • Restaurants and cafes can open as long as they can serve take-away orders: orders must be made by phone or online.
  • Small shops up to 400 square metres can open by appointment for individual customer service (one employee per customer). A minimum distance of 2m will be required. Establishments should be disinfected twice a day and should have hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers. Preferred hours will be established for people over 65 years of age.
  • As a rule, purchases must be made in the same municipality in which they reside, although you may pass through other municipalities – they do not have to be adjacent – in the event that certain products cannot be found.
  • Hairdressers may open as long as prior appointments can be made.
  • Professionals in physiotherapy, beauty centres and hairdressing salons will have to wear personal protective equipment and guarantee a minimum distance of 2m between clients.
  • Professional athletes will be able to do individual training outdoors and within their municipality. Adapted sport athletes or Paralympic athletes, are authorised to be accompanied by another person. In both cases, a coach may be present keeping the 2m distance and wearing a mask.

Note – When the sport involves the use of bicycles or skates, the safety distance will be 10 metres.

  • For their part, federated athletes may perform training individually, outdoors, twice a day between 6:00 and 10:00 and between 20:00 and 23:00, always within its municipal term and without coaches.
  • Archive files will be opened, which will provide their services preferably by electronic means now, when absolutely essential though, citizens may request the face-to-face consultation of up to ten documents.
  • In this phase, the use of a mask on all public transport including taxis, will be mandatory and recommended in all kinds of activities outside the home.

Phase 1 for Formentera

Residents of Formentera are able to move freely with no regulated time restrictions under Phase 1 which began today. Playgrounds and sports facilities remain closed for the safety of residents.

Tourist establishments and hotels remain closed and while Ibiza is in Phase 0, travel between the islands is prohibited except for work, or health reasons.

Those permitted to travel to and from Formentera are being checked for Covid-19 using temperature checks and the rapid test kit before embarking on ferries.

A total of 76 passengers travelled from Ibiza to Formentera this morning on the first maritime connection of Phase 1 of de-escalation. Passengers are required to complete a health questionnaire, have their temperature taken and are tested using the rapid test kits. A few passengers have tested positive and due to the 60-80% accuracy of the test, will need to get tested at the ‘UVAC express tent’ outside Can Misses hospital. They were refused travel.