• Spanish town of Torrevieja to punish the people who buy counterfeit goods from illegal street traders.

A Bylaw amendment has been made in Torrevieja on the Spanish mainland, to sanction the buyers of the counterfeit goods sold by illegal street traders, whilst still allowing for penalties against the sellers themselves.

Reported by Round Town News, the initiative is understood to be the first where an attempt is being made to curb the much bemoaned street trader activity by focusing on those creating the demand for the street trader’s goods.

A street trader in Cala de Bou walks past a Guardia Civil vehicle with goods openly on display

The announcement was made by the town Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon when presenting the council’s campaign against street sellers, and is supported by the Copyright Defence Association (Andema).

People Who Buy From Illegal Street Traders To Face Prosecution
People Who Buy From Illegal Street Traders To Face Prosecution

Mr Moreno told reporters that “counterfeit goods are sold because there is a demand for them, and by penalising the buyers it is hoped that it will deter them from taking the risk.”

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) supports the campaign and is focusing on making the general public aware of health risks from buying fake products, using untested perfumes as an example.

A poster campaign has been launched which includes images of items such as sunglasses, phones and bags with slogans including “stop,” “toxic” and even “mafia.”